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Bruidsfotografie Amsterdam West Indisch Huis


It started really relaxed at the West Indisch Huis in Amsterdam. The getting ready with the beautiful bride and her mother was already in process when we arrived. Everything was very relaxed and that gave us a lot of opportunities to create some beautiful images of this part of the day… a favorite part of me personal as a woman. I can envision how it feels to be a woman transforming into a beautiful bride. In the mean time al other preparations where going on and soon enough it became time to get on that one dress that you will wear in a lifetime. Your beautiful stunning wedding dress. Helped by your mother, it creates a different feeling to the moment. After a few moments with your parents it became time to meet the one person…your future husband. An exciting moment to see each other for the first time on you wedding day.

After this first look we took a moment to get into the Amsterdam feeling outside and create some beautiful images with Amsterdam in the backgrounds with all of its elements. Of course your wedding venue is so so beautiful we didn’t want to mis the opportunity to also use this as part of your wedding images as well. A time to relax en enjoy each other. First guest are arriving and it becomes time to prepare yourself for the big moment. Your wedding ceremony. A beautiful personal ceremony that gives a little inside of the both of you. It is always a pleasure to work with BABS Daphne van den Bogaard, she is so calm and speaks truly from the heart.

When the ceremony is over it is time to take a deep breath and relax. Talking to your guest from all over the world. Enjoying time with family and friends. Later in the afternoon exploring the canals of Amsterdam and spending more quality time with your guests. It was nice to see Cojan on the bike taking the pictures from the side of the boat and me with you on it. It gives a nice overview of Amsterdam as well as what was going on on the boat at that time. Enjoying the nice, kind and personal words of you friends and family. You have a wonderful group of people in your life, that is for sure.

After getting back to the West Indisch Huis there was a beautiful large table ready to enjoy a perfect dinner with friends and family…some personal words from the parents to end al those beautiful speeches is really the best ending of the day. We enjoyed to capture your wedding day for the both of you and we want to wish you all the happiness in the world.

Love Cojan and Patricia.


  • Kathy

    The photos are stunning! Thanks for letting me share in the special day. It was really beautiful.

  • Craig dinnie

    Hi them pictures were lovelly but as u can see I’m not vet photogenic, but you look beautiful, you both do, xxReplyCancel

  • Anne Donaldson

    What a beautiful thoughtful introduction by your photographer so kind to put into words how we all felt so privileged to be part of your live song. Elaine looked so gorgeous and her handsome smiling prince never stopped smiling. It was an amazing wedding. Such a lit of thought love hard work and need I say money gone into making your day so special. Both sets of parents couldn’t be prouder and you gave off such joy to all of us by being part of such a joyous love story. Love you Aunty Anne Donaldson xReplyCancel

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